EYFS Sparkle at Christmas

The children in EYFS performed magnificently during their Nativity show for parents and other invited guests. Their singing was superb, actions were animated and the children with speaking parts were spectacular. Each class also created a part of the scenery and their costumes were a delight. It was a huge pleasure to be able to have our 2 year old provision, the Tadpoles, rehearsing and then performing with us.

So many of you told us that your children had been excitedly singing the songs at home over the past couple of weeks. One parent even told us there child had been singing the song ‘Three Kings’ in their sleep!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to share with us examples of your child’s amazing learning experiences outside of school, you can just reply to the last email containing observations from 2Build a Profile, write a couple of lines to tell us what they’ve been up to or what has impressed you and then attach a photo or video for us to see.  Sharing your child’s learning journey with us helps to build a detailed picture of just how amazing they are!