Science at Home Challenge

This term, lots of children in Year 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to enter a ‘Science at Home Challenge’ set for us by Regents High and the Crick Institute. They were challenged to choose their favourite Science topic and find a way of sharing it with others. We were amazed by the high quality of the entries and the amazing creativity and scientific thinking demonstrated by all of the children. There are definitely some budding scientists at Primrose Hill!

Here are the fabulous winners chosen by Sophie K and Mireille. You can see some of their work above too.

Nuri in Year 4 made a fantastic poster all about sound. He clearly thought very carefully about how to present his knowledge and make his poster clear, eye-catching and appealing for readers using some new computing skills.

Grace in Year 5 made a fantastic video all about gravity. We were blown away by her creative use of video editing and her clear scientific explanations. The question and answer structure she used was unique and very clever!

Zahir in Year 5 impressed us with a brilliant video all about the planets, with some very professional editing, props and backdrops. A lot of effort had clearly gone into preparing the video and the script and he shared some fantastic facts!

Camillo in Year 5 presented a video all about gravity and black holes. We were impressed with the way he explained the concepts clearly and used examples.

Adnan & Mikhael in Year 5 blew us away with a detailed presentation about crystals and a series of videos presenting different science experiments you could do at home. We were particularly impressed by their explanations of the science behind the experiments and their (virtual) teamwork.

Muhammed in Year 6 made a presentation all about the relationship between Science and Mechanics. We liked how he thought about how to make his writing interesting for his audience and how he considered the real world applications of Science in his presentation.

Each of the winners will receive a special prize and their work has been posted on the Regents’ High website. Follow the link to see it and all the entries from other Camden schools too.