The first batch emerges

A truly wonderful day in the Nursery saw 6 chicks emerge from their shells. From the first crack in their shell to being completely free took each chick around 24 hours.

Breaking free from their shells take such a huge effort that they are very  tired once they emerge. Amazingly though, it only takes them around 15 minutes before they can stand and move around the incubator.

Once they are hatched, they don’t need food or water for the first day as they ingested food from inside their shell before breaking out. There were gasps of “that’s amazing”, “wow” and “I can’t believe it” from the children as they watched. One eager member of the class has already named two of the chicks ‘Chicky’ and ‘Bubblegum’. Keep checking back for more exciting updates.

img_3792 img_3810 img_3817 img_3820