3. Identifying and Planning Support for Children

How we identify, assess and plan support for children

We ensure that the views of parents and children themselves are central to the process of identifying and planning for special educational provision. We hold a series of termly meetings with the SENDCO and class teachers to ensure that all information is collated and a clear plan put in place for any children needing ‘Class Action’ or ‘SEN Support’. You can read the details about this process in our SEND Policy

We take care to establish whether lack of progress is because a pupil has English as an additional language (EAL), for example by talking to the child (and parents) in her/his home language.

We also work with specialist services – for example Educational Psychologists and Speech Therapists – who  provide expertise in finding out the type and range of the student’s needs, for example, in terms of language and communication needs or slow progress in acquiring reading and number skills.