1. Skills, Knowledge and Expertise of our Staff

How we develop the skills, knowledge and expertise of School staff


All staff receive regular training and guidance to meet the needs of our children.  At least one of our teacher training days has a SEND focus, and each week our support staff receive bespoke training on SEND, inclusion and medical needs. This helps to ensure that all teachers and TAs:

·      have an awareness of the different special educational needs and disabilities of children in our School

·      are able to plan and teach/support lessons/sessions which meet the needs of all children

·      understand the social, emotional and mental health needs of children with SEND


Our SEND Policy provides written guidance about the different needs and disabilities in our School and the provision made for them. These needs are categorised into 4 broad areas:

·         Communication and interaction e.g. speech, language and communication needs (SLCN); Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome

·         Cognition and learning e.g. Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD); moderate learning difficulties (MLD), dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, Severe Learning Difficulties (SLD)

·         Social, emotional and mental health difficulties e.g. attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD); depression, eating disorder, attachment disorder, self-injury

·         Sensory and/ or physical needs e.g. Vision impairment (VI); Deafness or Hearing impairment (HI); Multi-Sensory impairment (MSI); Cerebral Palsy etc.


We further provide specialist training for Teachers and Teaching Assistants who support children with the most complex needs – for example, those children with a Learning Difficulty, Hearing Impairment or Autism.


We also ensure that all teaching staff are familiar with the SEND needs of their entire class and are aware of individual children’s learning plans and needs. We believe strongly that outstanding teaching in the classroom is the most important way to support all children, whatever their needs.


The outside agencies and specialist services that come in to School to provide extra support for our children


Teaching and support staff work closely with specialist services which provide support for our School. Below are some of those services available to us and other Camden Schools, funded by the local authority or the NHS. You can find out more about each of these services in the Local Authority SEND Information Report website:  Health and Care Services Section