7. Working in Partnership with Parents and Carers

How we work in partnership with parents and carers

In line with Section 19 of the SEN Code of Practice 2014, we will always involve pupils and their families in planning and reviewing progress.

We have staff who are always visible at the start and end of each day.  We communicate via text, Twitter, on our website and by letter.

We try to communicate in plain English and have several bi-lingual staff who can offer translation and interpretation services in, for example, Albanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Bengali.  We are also happy to communicate in whatever form the family finds most convenient, though we will always confirm important information in writing.  We can also arrange for interpretters or signing if required.

We will also help and advise parents/carers on how to help their children make progress at home, for example in mathematics and reading.

We welcome and value feedback on how well we are working with our parents.  This is done both informally and through questionnaires as part of the School Improvement Planning process.