Dino fever grips Nursery after a special arrival!

After the excitement of the arrival of three mysterious eggs in school the previous week, things took an even stranger turn in Nursery. On Monday morning, strange noises, lasting all day, began to come from the cupboard under the stairs in class. We were full of ideas about what might be inside but couldn’t find out because the cupboard door was locked!

We searched high and low but couldn’t find the key. After drawing maps of where we thought we may find the key, we chose to go on an adventure to ‘where the big children are’, the top floor. It was a huge climb but we made it! Once on the top floor, we found Mireille who said she’d heard strange noises in the top hall. We ran there and found…. THE MISSING KEY!

A creature calling herself Dino Doris attached a note to the key, saying that she’d left a special delivery for us in class. We went straight back to class and, after opening the padlock and with torches in hand, we slowly opened the creaking door.

Inside was…… ANOTHER EGG!

Many adventures have followed since, such as receiving a letter from Dino Doris, learning a dinosaur song to sing to the egg, leaving snacks and presents for the egg, finding and counting footprints left on the playground by Doris at night and checking on and caring f0r the egg regularly. Soon we’ll be cooking treats to leave for Doris on her next visit.

We have made a book about the adventure so far so if you are brave enough, come and visit to hear the sounds and see the sights yourself. Like us, we’re sure you’ll be full of awe and wonder.

When will it hatch? What will emerge from the egg? Stay tuned for the next instalment.