Everybody Writes: The Shed Y2-Y6

Shed Report – Primrose Hill.  Case file TH54Ed​

Following extensive investigation and evaluation, we have come to some conclusions about the mysterious shed which appeared on Monday:

·         CCTV cameras show no evidence of the shed entering the building – how this appeared beyond the description of the Head Teacher, Robin hearing of a bang and a flash from local residents during the night, remain unclear.

·         Forensic examination has revealed the writing on the label to be ‘not from Earth’ and provides some clues to shed’s whereabouts.

·         Upon opening the door – once the safety go ahead had been given – we found no internal evidence or clues whatsoever.

·         The source of the smells and sounds remain a mystery.

Fortunately, the children at Primrose Hill had many plausible theories and these will be used to further explore this mysterious event.