From caterpillars, to cocoons, to butterflies to free!

EYFS have been gentle and kind carers for 33 tiny caterpillars that arrived with us two weeks ago. We have watched them eat and eat and eat, just like Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar, studied them closely as they spun silk and created a cocoon around their bodies, waited with baited breath whilst they twitched and shook inside their cocoons before gazing on in awe as they emerged as beautiful butterflies. Today, the classes received a surprise parcel and letter from Mother Butterfly! She asked for her babies to be set free so she could show the amazing world around them. ¬†She thanked us and left us some delicious snacks as a thank you for raising them so well and keeping them safe.

We’re going to be thinking next about how WE have all changed during our time in school this year. We can do SO many things that we couldn’t before. How have YOU changed in the last year?