Grasshoppers Explode with Curiosity!

We became mini-chemists last week when we decided we wanted to learn about explosions for Curiosity Week. We started off experimenting with different substances and seeing which ones reacted. It turned out that bicarbonate of soda reacts very well with vinegar and lemon. The next day an evil scientist (who is trying to take over the world) let us in on a little secret; if we added some washing up liquid, the explosion would be bigger! We decided to make a volcano and experiment to see which combination of ingredients made the biggest explosion.

We read George’s Marvellous Medicine and were inspired to design and make our own disgusting medicines. We learnt that medicines should only be givenĀ  to people by trusted adults and all about what is safe to put in our mouths. We talked about the things George shouldn’t have fed to his Grandma really as they are so dangerous. We found it interesting that so many chemicals around the house are useful for certain things but dangerous if they’re used the wrong way.

Finally, we created our own bath bombs and took them home to show our families. Luckily, we wrote down all our findings in special explosion books. If you’d like to learn about chemical reactions or instructions to make bath bombs or explosion experiments, come and have a read of them in the classroom!