Ladybirds Smash Home Learning In Lockdown!

The Ladybirds Team have been delighted to see so many great examples of your home learning. Although we have not been at school, we have all been incredibly busy making the most out of this unprecedented opportunity that so many of you have embraced and made the very most of. We could not be more proud of you all!

Here are some of the topics we revisited during this half term;

In maths we learnt about weight and made balances to compare the weights of different objects and used the words heavy and light to describe what we saw. We also looked back at  capacity – who remembers the time when Maria gave Millie the dog a wash in the bath to demonstrate what water looks like when it’s inside a cup measuring half full, almost full, nearly empty  etc…to explain capacity  –  What fun!

We also went on a 3D shape hunt where so many of you took up the challenge to find a cone in your area. Great job everyone! Who knew there were so many hiding under our noses!

And what a fabulous time we all had decorating our time capsules with rainbows to remind us of this special time! Great job too, sharing these rainbows on your windows so that we can show our love and support for our brilliant NHS.

We have continued working hard on our phonics and so many of you have been posting videos showing what wonderful progress you have all been making. We have especially loved the effort so many of you have put into your handwriting. Your sentences look  great and read just as well. Thanks for all the support that the grownups have been putting into this, your children have gained so much from this continuation of learning and it really does show!

We have also loved seeing some extra photos of things you all have been learning to do in your own time, like, learning to ride a bike for the first time, or playing an instrument, gardening and exploring your local areas and we have loved meeting your pets and siblings too! We have seen you cooking at home and creating wonderful things to eat – these pictures made the team well and truly hungry and keen to join in. We have also enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful models  you have been making at home out of junk modelling. What a very creative bunch you are!

The Ladybirds Team salute you all! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful class of children and grownups alike and we could not be more appreciative of all the work each and everyone of you have put in this half term.