New hatchling in Nursery

The wait is finally over. The egg that Dino Doris entrusted us with has hatched and we have a new member of the class. The baby dinosaur was VERY shy at first so we sung it songs and showed it our very best behaviour on the carpet and finally it emerged. The baby dinosaur had no name so after talking about the names of our families, including some new born babies we have at home, we made a long list of the names we thought would be good.

We then chose the three most popular names which were Daisy, Softy and Pillow, chosen by one of the children because of how soft the dinosaur baby felt.

Each of the children then got a ‘vote’ token and they decided themselves which box to put it in. When all the votes were cast, as a class, we counted how many votes each name got and the winning name was….




Daisy looks forward to meeting visitors and is excitedly awaiting a tour of the school by the children of Nursery. WHAT will she get up to next?