Pumpkin Adventure

We’ve had a very exciting time in Year 1 this week. On Monday, a strange parcel was dumped in the middle of the football pitch. We were very excited but didn’t open it – we talked about how we shouldn’t open things if we don’t know who they’re from. We decided to write some postcards to adults we know asking if they could help us open the package. We had so many ideas about what it could be inside. We drew pictures, made models, wrote and painted what thought it could be. On Tuesday we came to school dressed as pumpkins and guess what we found inside when Sophie opened it for us? Pumpkins and a book called Pumpkin Soup! Becca had sent them to us all the way from a pumpkin patch in America. We spent the week exploring pumpkins through life drawing, collage, sculpture, modelling, writing and even cutting them open and making our own version of pumpkin soup! What a fun week!