Safer Internet Day in Year 5

Year 5 have been talking all things e-safety as part of this year’s Safer Internet Day! After talking about why internet safety is so important, we discussed a range of e-safety scenarios, such as…

  • You go to a friend’s house and they want you to play an online game that your parents have said you are not allowed to play
  • You share a link with your friends to a website which has information that could upset people or cause offence
  • You choose a profile picture that isn’t a photo of you

Were these scenarios ok? Not ok? Did it depend on other things? The classes were buzzing with debate and the children had a wide range of thoughtful ideas, including

“You don’t want to share a website with a friend which might cause them to feel a big emotion, like feeling really sad.”

“It’s ok to have a profile picture of a celebrity if you’re a really big fan. But it’s not ok to have a profile picture of a friend if you’re pretending to be them.”

“If your parents don’t allow you to play a certain game, it’s probably because it’s inappropriate for your age.”