Sharing learning between home and school in EYFS

Evidence Me – a guide for parents

We use a product called Evidence Me to capture and share some of the learning experiences your child enjoys with us here at Primrose Hill. Please follow this link to read through the handy guide for parents. Of course, if you have questions or problems with it, the team are always here to help.

Development Matters – a guide for parents

Please follow this link below to find out all about the EYFS framework around which we frame your child’s learning in Early Years. It will help to indicate the typical skills and knowledge that children possess in each of the developmental age bands. Children in the Tadpoles typically achieve in the 22 – 36 month age band, in Froglets children typically work within the 30 – 50 month age band and in Ladybirds it’s the 40 – 60 month age band. Of course, there are particular areasĀ  of learning where your child may need more support in and in some areas they may well be exceeding in. The document will certainly give you a good overview of what to expect, and when!