The Amazing Froglets Take On Home Learning

The Froglets team have been amazed to see so many incredible examples of your home learning this half term. Even though we have not been in school, we have all been making the most out of this unprecedented time. We could not be prouder of you all and the way you have all approached home learning. We are extremely grateful for the way so many of you have embraced and made the most out of this challenging time. Well done Froglets and your families! You are all wonderful and we could not be more appreciative of all the work each and every one of you have put in this half term. We miss you!

I would also like to say a massive thank you for welcoming me into your school and as your teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you all and am really looking forward to meeting you all in person.

This half term we became Nature Detectives. We have been focusing on stories about growing, nature and change. We had a fabulous time exploring the stories of ‘Jasper’s Beanstalk’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, which led us to exploring and investigating how to plant a seed and what they need to grow. We enjoyed planting different beans and seeds – and even tried a carrot top! Along with Susannah, you were all able to keep a diary and recorded how they were growing. Lots of you were able to see the roots grow and the beans and seeds begin to sprout with leaves. We made our own parachutes to help us fly down the beanstalk. It was very exciting!

In maths we have learnt about length and measurements. We made our own height charts and found out who was the tallest and who was the shortest at home! We also measured using our hands and our feet – we even helped the Giant find things that were the same size as his footprint! We explored number in a variety of different ways. We practiced our counting, recognising and writing numbers, as well as played lots of games that involved adding and taking away numbers. We even made our own dice and created games using different junk modelling.

Each week we have been going on a sound hunt around our homes to find as many different objects as you could that began with a particular sound. You all did amazingly and found so many things! We were so impressed with your hunts and how you all had a go at writing the sound and creating a list. Well done Froglets!

We enjoyed the stories of ‘Oliver’s Vegetables, Oliver’s Fruit Salad and Oliver’s Milkshake’. We even made our own recipe to make a yummy, scrummy, frothy, icy, nicy milkshake! We explored and learnt about which vegetables and fruit grow above the ground and which grown below the ground. Furthermore, we learnt about the lifecycle of a butterfly through the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. We had lots of fun creating puppets of the characters and objects to retell the story, as well as we created a diary to show what the caterpillar had to eat on each day. So much food!

We have also loved seeing photos of the things you all have been learning in your own time, like, learning to ride a bike, gardening and exploring your local areas. We have seen you cooking at home and creating wonderful things to eat – these photos made us very hungry. We have also enjoyed seeing some of the beautiful models you have been making at home out of junk modelling. What a very creative bunch you are!