Y5 Ideas for Holidays

Whilst Google Classroom will be inactive over the holidays to give you a break, with most of us Staying at home, you may want some activities to keep you busy.  If that is the case, please have a look at these ideas from Jemma and Lucy.  Happy holiday!



  1. Make some origami frogs and then race them! Instructions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7xUYzSFJ_k&app=desktop
  2. Become a magician! Learn a few simple but amazing magic tricks here:
  3. Have a storytelling night! Download the free app ‘Story Dice’. Use the images on the dice to tell a story. This app is very similar to Rory’s Story Cubes – read how to play here:
  4. Have a music day: Listen to some great music, create a family band out of household items, or  perform a show.
  5. Have a backwards day: Do your day or bedtime routine in reverse! Start the day with dinner or just do one meal and begin with dessert
  6. Lego Galore: Do a lego toss game into cups, color sort them, see who can build the highest tower, make different creations (turtle, alligator, truck, etc), decorate the table with Legos for dinner, make a creation to put on top of a cake or dessert
  7. DR. SEUSS NIGHT: Make some green eggs and ham for dinner, read some books, and watch a Dr. Seuss movie or cartoon together.
  8. Other ideas for origami creations!  https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/easy-origami-for-kids/
  9. Bored game night: Make a board game for everyone in your household to play after dinner!
  10. Listen to a story on Audible: https://stories.audible.com/discovery/enterprise-discovery-21122356011?ref=adbl_ent_anon_ds_ds_dccs_sbtp-0-1
  11. Treasure hunt: Create a treasure hunt around your house for someone to complete! I wonder what treasure you could hide at the end?