Year 2 E-Safety Workshop

On Wednesday, Year 2 had a visit from Konflux Theatre and took part in a ‘Cyber Adventure’.
We met three different characters and learned so much about how we need to stay safe when we use the internet.
First we met the gamer, who played games all day, every day! She always remembered to be careful when chatting to other gamers on the internet and gave us some good advice.
Then we met SuperFrieda, an internet superhero. Her owner had lost her password, so we discussed how we need to keep passwords private and not write them down.
Finally we met Bobby, a girl in the real world. Bobby was upset with her friend Sammy for sharing a silly picture of her with the whole school! We thought about what advice we could give Bobby and what we would do in the same situation.
We had a great day and designed some posters with some advice to help us remember what we had learned.