Year 2 get a Surprise! at the National Gallery

Today we kicked off our Living Things and Their Habitats topic with a trip to the National Gallery. We went to see Henri Rousseau’s painting Surprise! We imagined stepping into the painting and described what our senses would experience. We thought we would hear crashing thunder and feel cold rain pouring down on our bodies.  We also thought about which other animals might live in the tiger’s jungle habitat and we thought there would be bugs, snakes and deer.

We talked about how there’s no right or wrong when it comes to art and that we will all have different opinions. Some of us thought that Rousseau had called the painting Surprise! because the crackle of lighting might have suprised the tiger. Some others thought it might be because the tiger was surprising another animal that we couldn’t see in the painting. We had a lot fun discussing our ideas.

We sat in Trafalgur Square to have our snack and desperately hoped the lions would come to life just like they did in Katie in London. Alas, it was not meant to be this time so Becca and Chrystal said we had to come back to school. Oh well.