Year 2 Got a Visit From The Secret Artist And She Told Us Her Secrets!

Today we got a visit from the Secret Artist. She told us that she paints interesting buildings she finds all around Primrose Hill and Camden. She said that it’s a special thing to paint buildings because when shops shut down or they turn into something else, it’s a way of showing what they used to be like in the past. One of her paintings was of a cafe we all walked past on our trip to Primrose Hill. It has shut down now but we can all remember that in the past it was open and that has changed since we started at Primrose Hill Primary School.

The Secret Artist showed us how she paints using an ipad and then we spent the afternoon practising how to use the painting app Paper.

Now we’re waiting for the rain to stop so we can go out and choose our favourite buildings around Primrose Hill to paint!