A Magical Day In Ladybirds

Today in Ladybirds we had a wonderful, magical day to celebrate the end of term.

It started with a very special zoom call from Katie, a children’s publisher. She told us all about how books are made and explained how they start with the author and illustrator, being made in the factories, and how they make their way onto the shelves in the shops. The children thoroughly enjoyed listening and asking questions about books. We were then very lucky to have Katie read us one of the stories she has worked on called ‘Pugicorn and the Christmas Wish’. Thank you Katie!

In the afternoon, the excitement continued when we watched a video of Santa flying over the school with his reindeer! We couldn’t believe our luck as he had dropped off some gifts for us with Robin and Mireille to deliver.

We celebrated the December birthdays with chocolate cake and candles, which followed into our Christmas party with food, games and dancing.

The exciting day ended with a secret Santa present for every child.

We wish you all a very happy holiday and look forward to seeing you all in the new year.