Day of the Dead inspired “Nichos”

In Mexican mythology, the spirits of the dead come back to visit, from noon on October 31 through to November 2. It is a time of rituals and prayer, but also of personal celebration as people “catch up” with their deceased loved ones. Many believers keep all-night vigils in cemeteries, which are transformed into a wonderland of twinkling candles, yellow marigolds, and smoking incense.

Mexican people make “Nichos”, a type of shadow box, showing scenes of skeletons as if they were living. Usually they are taking part in everyday activities or celebrations. Nichos are made to celebrate the lives of their dead loved ones and to honour them.

Year two liked the fact that everyday people and children make Nichos, not only artists. They are an example of folk art.

The children worked with Alice in the art room for 6 weeks to design and make their very own Skeleton boxes. Just in time for the Day of the Dead celebrations over in Mexico and Halloween here at home!

Here is some work in progress.