We were lucky to have Katie Surridge in school over the last few weeks, a visual artist whose latest work was was the butterflies which hung at Christmas over Carnaby Street. She was working alongside year 5.

Katie works with RIVA, residencies in visual art, a charity placing artists in schools creating art work around climate change and the nature emergency. Year 5 worked on an exciting project about the mangroves, their diversity and their ecological importance. The first few days were spent doing detailed pencil drawing of wildlife from the Sunderbans and water colour study’s looking at Henry Rousseaus style of painting plants and trees. They made batik bird hangings, mod rock mangroves, beautiful fish and even a diorama. They created an exhibition at the end of the week and invited the rest of the school to come and visit, they were all very impressed with what they saw. Great job year 5.

Maria Art and Design Lead