Posters to illustrate children’s rights from the UN charter

Alice has been lucky enough to work with a small group of enthusiastic and talented year 4 and 5 children for many weeks on an exciting poster project. The children selected rights from the ‘UN charter for the rights of the child’, selecting ones which they felt had the most relevance for our school community. They then planned images which would communicate these rights in a bold, visual and uncomplicated way. They learnt that in poster design, the visual message has to be eye catching and quickly accessible to have impact.

Using the technique of stencil printing they had to work with limited colours and simple shapes. Later, some choose to add words to aid the visual communication. It was a fiddly process at times, especially cutting the stencils with craft knifes and lining up the stencils so that each colour layer in their images were aligned.

They have done fantastically and I’m sure you will join Alice in congratulating their efforts. Look out for the framed posters around school very soon!!!