Time to release our butterflies!

It’s time to release our class butterflies!
We have been looking after them since they were tiny weeny baby caterpillars. We gave them food and they got bigger and bigger and bigger each day. When they had enough to eat and they had grown big enough, they stopped eating and crawled to the top of their pots. They built a cocoon around themselves, turning into chrysalides.
We waited and waited and waited (for 10 days) and finally out popped 25 beautiful Painted Ladies! We invited Phil to our special releasing ceremony, we all gathered round and set the butterflies free!
It was such a fantastic experience as the butterflies didn’t want to leave. The children held their fingers close to the butterfies’ legs and they crawled onto them for a ride. The children were so careful with the butterflies, they kept flying off and coming back again. They stayed until all the children went home so they got to show their grown ups too.