Year 5 STEAM Exhibition

Year 5’s STEAM project culminated in a wonderful STEAM exhibition today. The children communicated their learning so confidently, using lots of technical vocabulary learnt throughout the topic. A huge well done to them for all their hard work!

An outline of the project: 

In Geography, Year 5 became Earth Scientists, learning all about mountains, volcanoes and earthquakes, focussing on how they occur and the impact that earthquakes can have.

In DT, we were set the challenge to design earthquake-proof apartment buildings. We learnt about how to make a strong structures, special measures taken to make buildings safer in earthquake-prone countries and then designed our own earthquake-proof buildings! We created annotated sketches, cross-sectional drawings and used CAD to communicate our ideas. We then made models of one floor of our buildings to show the internal structure.

Take a look at these pictures of our STEAM exhibition.