Some Very Grim Grimm’s Tales in Year 5!

We’ve been reading a lot of very grim versions of Grimm’s Tales by Philip Pullman in year 5! We’ve focussed on the story of Hansel and Gretel and have used drama, crafting and writing to immerse ourselves in the story!

Here you can see us creating freeze frames to represent parts of the story as well as building a physical version of the forest to help us visualise this scene. We have now started writing our own retelling of Hansel and Gretel. Here the children describe the desolate forest setting when Hansel and Gretel have been abandoned for the second time. Storm and Alex have done a great job of self-editing their writing as they went along! Both have also used personification brilliantly. Next, we will describe Hansel and Gretel discovering (and eating!) the witch’s ever-so-delicious-looking cottage…watch this space for more magnificent writing soon!