Y1 Ideas for the Holidays

Whilst google classroom may be inactive for the holidays, Sophie and Jacob have a series of ideas for you if you wish.

1. Watch ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen https://youtu.be/0gyI6ykDwds 

I’m going on a bear hunt – Choose one of your teddies or toys and put it in your window so people outside can see it. When you go outside for your daily exercise, look around and up at windows and see if you can spot any. Make a chart of how many you see.

Start a diary for your teddy/toy. What do they see each day? Who is walking past? What is happening outside?

Use your imagination to create an adventure for your teddy. Who do they meet along the way?  Do they need to get over something, under something or will they have to go through something? Do they get up to mischief or is there a problem they need to fix? How does the problem get resolved? What happens in the end?

Here is a link to find out more.



Children and adults all over the world are playing the same game!

2.  All over the world people are coming together to spread hope and kindness.  Children and adults across the globe are lifting our spirits in the best way they can: by putting on rainbow displays. As a symbol of light after dark (a rainbow comes after a rainfall), they are painting, drawing and blowing-up balloons to create rainbows for the front of their houses, and the trend has since become a social media phenomenon with the hashtags #RainbowTrail and #ChaseTheRainbow.

In south London, one resident took the time to blow up balloons and decorate the entire front of their property. Since then, several people have stopped during their daily outings to take photos of the home and walked on with a smile on their face.

Have a look around your house for different colours and materials. Do some research on how you can make/create your own rainbow. Check with your grownups what you could use. Let’s see if we can spread some hope and kindness by placing rainbows next to your teddy/toy. If you know where your friends live and you walk past their homes, you may be able to spot each other’s art work!

Remember to keep active, so every day try and do one of Jordan’s PE challenges. See if you can get better at it.

Check out these websites for more:

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Try this one if you want to calm down and relax
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