Roles and Responsibilities

Staffing Roles & Responsibility

The school is led by Phil Allman (Head Teacher) and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) comprising Liz Ghamar (Assistant Head Teacher and Assessment & Safeguarding Lead), Syra Sowe (Assistant Head Teacher & Inclusion Lead), Amanda Aplicano (Pastoral Leader), Sophie Keating (Acting Assistant Head Teacher), Lia Moss White (Acting Assistant Head Teacher), and Julia Chalfen (School Business Manager).

Alongside this structure is the Inclusion Leadership Team, Phase Leadership Team and Curriculum Leadership Team.

We also have a large support staff team including nursery officers, teaching assistants, Higher Level Teaching Assistants and intervention staff.   Then finally, our Admin Team: Ilirjana Sfarqa (Bussiness & Admin Officer to the SLT), Tara Kerrigan (Attendance & Admission Officer) & Lisa Milsom (Admin Support & Receptionist); our Site Team, Giuseppe and Humphrey complete the staff group at the school.



Children in our school hold a variety of roles that help them make a contribution to our community. These roles include acting as School Councillors, Sports Captains, Buddy Readers and members of The Friendship Squad.

Our classes are named after wildlife found on Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park.  This was voted for by our children and staff.  We have added to this theme in our Autistic Resource Provision – The Grove, where all the facilities are named after trees found locally.

Every child and adult in our community thinks of themselves as a citizen of Primrose Hill School, and every citizen is equally valued and respected; participates in their own and others’ learning; feels safe and protected from harm; and has their voice heard. As citizens of Primrose Hill, we recognise our responsibility to be positive role models and to demonstrate through our words and actions that we are proud of ourselves, proud of each other and proud of our school.

The Primrose Hill Promises

Every class in our school agrees to follow our school the Primrose Hill Promises, which are:

  1. We will use our growth mindset
  2. We always include others
  3. We are respectful to everybody
  4. We will be gentle with others
  5. We look after our environment

In this way, through discussion and considered action, Primrose Hill citizens are encouraged to think for themselves and act for others.