Choosing a school for your child is a big decision

Here is a link to our Admissions Policy.

Phil holds monthly parent / carer tours of the school.  This is a really important way of finding out about the school and if it is right for you and and your child.  It is also a way of see what an amazing school Primrose Hill is and through the tour we are able to exemplify our practice.

Please click the link to book into one of the school tours.   Information about Admission to Primrose Hill can be found on the website or from the school office.

We love to welcome parents to the school to show you our wonderful school in action.  However, as the current situation restricts this, we will do a virtual tour and walk you round the building as if you were with us.  It may not give you the full sense and feeling of the school, but will also help you see what life is like at Primrose Hill.  Please also look at the website and our twitter feed for more information.

Forthcoming Parent Tours.  All at 9:30am:

Due to the Corona Virus and social distancing, we will be doing a virtual tour via Zoom.  Please make an appointment with Lyra in the office and she will issue you with a Zoom code and password,  as follows:

Wednesday 5th May at 9:30.

Wednesday 26th May at 9:30.

Wednesday 9th June at 9:30.

Wednesday 23rd June at 9:30.

Wednesday 7th July at 9:30.

In the meantime, we have made a virtual tour which you can find here


Syra also holds Q&A sessions for any children with an SEN – for more information on this, please call the school.


If you’d like to apply for a space in the school, you can find the applications down below. Please remember to bring the documents which are highlighted in red at the bottom of the applications.

You can download, print and send the documents digitally, or simply come into the Office and speak to Lyra about filling out an application.

If you have any other admissions queries please contact Lyra in the office or email

Nursery Terms & Conditions

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Parent Declaration Form

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Parent Declaration Form Example - Top-Up

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Parent Declaration Form Example - Part Time Only

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Parent Declaration Form Example - HMRC

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Parent Declaration Form Example - Camden Enhanced

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Tadpoles (2 Year Old Nursery) Application

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Reception - Year 6 Application

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Froglets (3-4 Year Old) Nursery Application

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Camden Secondary Schools Booklet 2020

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Top-Up Agreement Form

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