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The Governing Board or Body of our school helps to ensure the quality of education provision and to act as the accountable body for the school. We do this by setting the strategic vision and the ethos of the school, together with monitoring and challenging the school’s performance, and recruiting and holding to account the Head Teacher.

The Governing Board is made up of 15 people.  Some members are elected and some are co-opted and include members of staff, parents, an appointee of the Local Authority and other local people; all of whom have the sole aim of seeing the wonderful children at the school receive the very best education possible.  Claire Cameron is our new Chair of Governors.  Ophelia Field is the Vice Chair of Governors.

The Governors work as a team and they’re responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education for all its pupils. We aim to continuously raise standards, plan the school’s future direction and help Phil and the Senior Leadership Team to do the very best job they can. We also oversee the school’s budget to make sure we’re getting the best possible value for money – an important task in these days of shrinking funding, rising costs and increased expectations.  The school is also regularly helped by our Professional Partner, a very experienced ex-headteacher and ex-Ofsted inspector who brings a valuable external perspective.

Some governors are chosen (by parents, by staff or by Camden, the Local Authority) and others are selected by other governors.  This helps us to make sure we have an appropriate mix of skills – some people with expertise in education, some in management, some in finance, and so on.  If you’re interested in becoming a governor or in finding out more about what we do, please have a word with Phil who will be able to point you in the right direction.

Whilst the Governing Board meets several times a year, at least once each term, we also have several committees. These each have a focus and they too meet at least once a term.

Our most recent minutes are here, but please scroll down the page to see some other useful attachments.

The Governing Board

Amal Abbamin                             Ophelia Field

Phil Allman                                   Alice Gray

Andrew Blow                                Kasia Bojarojc

Kasia Bojarojc                              Isabel Murphy

Claire Cameron                            Laura Pearce

Matt Cooper                                  Syra Sowe

Diego Arroyo Ornelas                 Katerina Zographos



Governing Board Committees

Curriculum & Pupil Welfare Committee

Chaired by Andrew Blow

Staffing, Leadership & Performance Committee

Chaired by Diego Arroyo Ornelas

Finance & Premises Committee

Chaired by Katerina Zographos

Link Governors – 2021-2022

  • Safeguarding  – Andrew Blow
  • SEND – Alice Gray
  • English – Ophelia Field
  • Maths – Matt Cooper
  • Mental Health – Isabel Murphy

If you want to find out more about the Governing Board at Primrose Hill Primary School or perhaps become more involved in its work, please write to the Chair of Governors – Claire Cameron – at the school.

Challenge Partner Review 2020

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Pupil Premium Statement 2020-2021

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PE & Sports Premium Statement 2020-2021

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School Standards Letter 2019

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Pupil Premium Statement 2019-2020

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School Performance Summary 2019

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Challenge Partner QA Review Spring 2019

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Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review Report (March 2019)

A team of School Leaders plus an Ofsted Inspector visited Primrose Hill last month to conduct a Challenge Partner QA Review.  This involves looking at school improvement and teaching and learning alongside our SLT.   This is our second Challenge Partner Review.  I am pleased to say the team validated our self evaluation judgement of ‘outstanding’ once again.  Well done team.

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